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EAP  knows that not all dance studios are the same.

EAP offers 3 Videography Programs for you to choose from so you can find what works best for you.

EAP Dance Videography Services



EAP's professional team of videographers are here to make your Recital day run smoothly and give you beautiful HD videos that you, your students and their parents will be proud to show. 

EAP videography understands how hectic Recital day can be.  We arrive early, set up our equipment and stay in the background while your dancers work their magic! 


Multiple HD video cameras catch every graceful movement of your dancers, with individual close ups of your younger dancers.  Expert sound capture will ensure that every song, audience applause and tap of your dancer's tap shoes is clear and crisp.

Assistants and sales representatives are there to help you with sales forms and to answer any questions.



EAP Videographers use multiple HD video cameras to capture every precious moment of your recitals, with close-ups of your younger performers in split screen presentation. We offer Behind the Scenes footage of your dancers preparing for their big performance. Back stage feeds are available so that your dancers can watch their classmate's performances behind the curtain.


Back at EAP Studios, video editors polish your recital video, We make sure that music, applause and each little tap of the tap shoes can be clearly heard. All DVD's are Chaptered so your dancer can find their dance easily. Each Routine starts with a Custom Title


Blu Rays and DVD's are packaged in custom designed cases. Carefully packed and shipped directly to the dancer.

EAP TV is available for streaming on any internet capable device once the video is edited and ready for distribution.

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Learn About Our Newest Feature:


Stunning,  HD quality streaming video

to any internet capable device

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