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EAP Dance Video
Videography  FAQ's


1. How many cameras are used to film the recital?

1 to 3 cameras are used to film the recital

2. What type of media are recitals available on?

Digital Downloads, DVD's, Flash Drives, EAPTV

3. How much setup time does EAP require prior to the recital?

90 minutes prior to the recital.

4. Where does EAP setup in your venue?

We prefer to setup in the back of the theater, house center, stage level. This provides the best viewing experience.

5. How much room does EAP require for it's equipment?

3 seats together or approximately 15 linear feet.

6. What stage angles does EAP film?

We always film with two angles. Full stage with one camera and close shots with an additional camera. Both angles are used in the editing process when necessary.


7. Where do we get the sound feeds from?

One sound feed comes from the sound board so we get your pure music.  We also take a feed from inside the

auditorium to capture the audience applause and taps.

8. Are the recitals we film edited?

Yes, we edit every recital.  All editing is done in our state of the art digital editing studio. We add titles, music and special effects.  All DVD's are chaptered so that dancers and parents can go directly to their performance.  We can accommodate just about any special request the dance studio may have. 

9. How do parents receive copies of the shows they've ordered?

Parents ordering digital downloads or EAPTV streaming HD video will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to view their recital video. All DVD's are mailed directly to the parents.  All DVD's are labeled and packaged in attractive full color packaging.

10. Who sells the recital to the parents?

EAP does all of the work for the dance studio. All ordering is done through EAP's website

11. How long does it take parents to receive their orders?

6 - 8 weeks from the date of the recital. (this time can be shorter based on seasonal volume)

12. Does the dance studio receive a complimentary video of recitals?

The studio will receive a complimentary copy of each of each show at no charge. 




13. Is there a fee to film the show?

If 50 pieces of media are sold, there is no fee to film the show.  If EAP does your photography as well as your videography, there is also no fee. Please speak with a sales representative for more details. 


14. How much are DVD's sold for?

Standard DVD's are sold for $50.00.  Price can be adjusted.  Please speak with a sales representative for more details.

EAP Videography also offers unlimited digital downloads, streaming HD video through EAP TV.  To learn more about EAP TV, please click HERE.

15. Is there a minimum of DVD's that need to be sold?

50 DVD'S is the minimum that needs to be sold. 

16. Does EAP pay a commission for the videos that are sold?

Yes we do. Contact us for details





17. Does EAP Title each Dance?

Yes, Always.

18. Does EAP provide "Behind the Scenes or Pre-Show" footage prior to the show?

Yes we can provide this service.

19. Can EAP set up a backstage feed of the show so that waiting performers can view those performing?

Yes, we can provide this service.

20. Can EAP provide a Cast Scroll (a list of the dancers in the recital) as part of the finished product?

Yes, we can provide this option.

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