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EAP's Exclusive Viewing Station

Parents Look, Choose & Order
It's Easier Than Ever!

Our One of a Kind Viewing Station

EAP Dance Photography & Video wants you to have the easiest, most enjoyable experience on Photo Day.  That's why we invented the Photo Viewing Station just for you.

After each child's photos are taken, within minutes parents will be able to view them all and make their choices for prints and Specialty Items. 

Zoom in to view details and facial expressions

Photo cropping and Editing will make chosen photos even more impressive. Our professional Photoshop experts get rid of minor imperfections in post photo production

eap dance photo viewing box full

Dance Photo Day Is Easier Than Ever!

We make it simple for you!

Step 1

Dancers are photographed in

2-3 poses

Viewing Box 2.JPG
Step 2

View your photos instantly using our on-site viewing stations

Working on Laptop
Step 3

Go online and fill out your order form with your chosen Image Numbers

Delivery Guy
Step 4

Orders are mailed directly to the dancer's home

Your Order is Backed By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee on Photo Packages

**Specialty Items are non-refundable**
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