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Dance Photography FAQ's

1. How many photographers do we send on photo day?

We send enough to ensure a smooth running photo day. We never under staff a job.

Advanced students and teachers from the studio are welcome to help with the posing.


2. Does EAP supply all the necessary paperwork for photo day?

Yes, we supply the order forms, samples of the products & signage to announce Photo Day.


3. How long do orders take to be processed?

Approximately 6-8 weeks. (this time can be shorter based on seasonal volume)


4. Does EAP charge a sitting fee?

We never charge a sitting fee. 


5. Who sets up the schedule for Photo Day?

A Photo Day Coordinator (PDC) will work closely with the Dance Studio to assist them in setting up the schedule.


6. Who collects the money for the orders?

EAP takes care of collecting the money for orders. (We accept Cash, Check or Charge Cards)


7. Can siblings be photographed separately and together?

Of course! The customer would need to fill out an photo day form for each child individually and a separate photo day form for the two children together. There is no extra charge for siblings to be photographed together.

8. How much do photo packages cost?

For photo package pricing, please Click Here


9. What is the studio's commission on the sale of photographs?

Commission start at 10% and can go as high as 30% from the sale of packages.


10. Does EAP provide a group display for the Dance Studio?

Yes, we supply a group display for the studio at no charge.


11. What does a customer do if they don't like their child's portraits?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all pre-sold portrait packages. If for any reason parents do not like the photos they receive, they can do one of the  following:

Call our Customer Service Department at 631-476-0134 for assistance



Open a Help Ticket at:


12. How does a customer go about ordering additional photographs or specialty items?

Customers can reorder online from our website.  Reorders normally ship within 2-3 weeks and are shipped directly to the customer's home. 

Dance Group Board.jpg

EAP Dance Photography includes beautiful 20" x 30" Group Photo Boards of all of your school's group photos for you to display at no extra charge!

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