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Dance Photo Day Tips
Dance With Kim School of Performing Arts 2022.jpg

Hang up the signage EAP provides at least 4 weeks prior to Photo Day

To remind parents and students to order Recital videos


Have the space the photographers are going to work in clear of any props and dance equipment before the photography crew arrives

This will save time and make the day run smoother


Have a representative from the dance studio at the location where photos are going to be taken 90 minutes prior to the first scheduled photo

The photography staff will arrive 90 minutes prior to the first photo to setup


Space out the schedule for dancers who have multiple costumes to allow them enough time to change so that they won't dely the schedule

Changing costumes takes time. We want your dancers to be relaced and stress free so that we can get the best photos ever!


Contact us at least 2 weeks prior to your photo shoot if you need photos for your recital program

so that your request can be relayed to our producation department

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